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Auricular - Ear Reflexology Charts - Auricular Therapy

Auricular therapy is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Many practitioners specialize in this aspect alone. Dr. Gary Young developed the "Auricular Aroma Technique". This technique integrates essential oils with standard auricular technique. He found that using essential oils in conjunction with acupuncture was extremely beneficial. He also found that acupuncture stimulation with essential oils was noticeably greater that either acupuncture or essential oils application by themselves. He began to develop a technique everyone could use. That technique is called "Auricular Probe Technique", using a small pen-shaped instrument with a rounded end to apply the oils to the acupuncture meridians or Vital Flex points on the ears. This technique can be used in both the emotional and physical areas on the ears.

People can learn to use the Young Living Essential Oils on ear points as well. (NEVER DROP ESSENTIAL OILS INTO THE EAR CANAL). One way to use the oils is to take a toothpick and put thru the orifice reducer in the oil bottle and then dab the ear point gently with the tip of the toothpick. For a wonderful nights sleep, drop a drop of Lavender onto the forefinger, rub the forefinger middle finger and thumb together and then massage all over the ear.

Each ear contains a complete reflex map of the body as shown in the chart. Through the years, we have also found there to be emotional areas in the ear as well. Instead of using needles, you can use the toothpick method described above, you can also use a fingernail. Treat the indicated organ points or wherever there is a tender spot; press for a minute or more each day or whenever convenient. In addition, it will be very stimulating to the whole body to massage both ears thoroughly by rubbing them between thumb and index finger simultaneously. Massage daily, and pulling the ears different angles is also beneficial.

Tri is used for circulatory, glandular, chest and abdominal problems. Shenmen is used for sedating, as with nervous problems, insomnia, anxiety. It is the main point for pain relief, as in arthritis or inflammations. It is also used for dry coughs, bronchial asthma, epilepsy and hypertension.

Physical Ear Chart (Click charts for larger view)

Emotional Ear Chart

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